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Goodbye Chrome, welcome Safari!

Safari logoWe’ve had a good run you and I. I remember writing an article in 2009 where I explained why I left Firefox for you. We’ve had a good run, but now we have come to an end. Goodbye Chrome, I’m going to use Safari instead.

I have been using Chrome more then four years and I have seen it doing about the same journey as Firefox made. Going from the hipp kid in the back of the bus, quicker and more agile then all the rest, it has now become what it set out to counter. It is today just another clunky browser.

It’s not all Chrome’s fault, I see how the plugins have made the experience much different then the product team first thought. And yes, many of the plugins I use in Chrome can be deleted but by doing so I will lose lot of functionality I’ve learnt to love.

In the end what makes or breaks a browser is speed and without really thinking about it I’ve seen myself using Safari more and more. It has not come to a point where I did the move. I defaulted Safari instead of Chrome.

Now let’s see if me and Safari can get a few years together before someone else has moved to the back of the bus – giving us things we could only dream about.

Will 3D printing change everything?

3D printing really took of in 2013. For me living in Sweden there has been lot of buzz surrounding a company called Arcam that sky-rocketed on the Nasdaq OMX (Stockholm Stock Exchange).

For the everyday Joe it might be hard to grasp what all the fuzz is all about. When I get asked about 3D printing I often chose to explain by the spare part problem solution. If a machine breaks down, using 3D print a spare part can be built that can be used until a real spare part get delivered. Since it will be a temporary part it can be created by a cheaper material and be used as a solution not to loose momentum by waiting for spare parts from the other side of the world.

The medical world has also discussed some way 3D printing can be used to make specific meds or individually fitted prostethic parts or even organs.

I found a short informative movie on 3D printing I thought I’d share to shed even some more light on the subject.

3d movies are the mini discs of our time

Sometimes there is a rapid development in technology which opens up a gap between the consumer and the industry. The consumer wonders what the new technology has to offer  and the industry see it as a quick way to generate an alternate income stream. In some cases the sad part is that the industry keep on beating on a dead horse even though the consumers have left it a long time ago. This is about 3d movies in cinemas and on your TV at home.

Will I use Google Keep?

Yesterday Google unveiled their new service which is clearly in the market to compete against Evernote, Springpad and other services designed to make you organize and remember your life. The idea is nothing we have not seen before as in to save notes of text and images and be able to search for them in a controlled way.

The service might be good, it might even be better then Evernote. Evernote has been the leader of it’s kind for a long time now and is not without flaws. If there was a service presented which took these flaws into account I am sure that Evernote would loose a big chunk of its users.

But, in the light of what has happened to Google services in the past many of its users have been forced to learn how to coop without Google services as a tool in their every day life. Buzz, Wave and Reader is just three example of services that came to market, was loved by some but then pulled without mercy. With the events of Google Reader in close memory it makes it quite hard for me to trust a new service. I still will try it out (I did try to service was overloaded when I did) but I will not be quick to go all into the service.

And yes, I loved Google Wave. It was a bit ahead of its time but it was killed of much before it had time to shine.

The most frightening part of this is that one can only think of the day the Google executives start glancing at Gmail and if the service really is needed or if all mails could be send from within Google+ instead as Facebook has done. That would in fact be the last breath of the free Google service era.

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