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The Internet of Things

I continue my 750 words per day project and here is yet another text from one of those sessions. The Internet of things is one of the hottest buzz words of 2014 it seem but what is it all about?

The Internet of things is really the appliance of networked technology into every day appliances. An example of Internet of things that we have been using for quite some time is that as a runner I can have a heartbeat monitor on my body that is wirelessly connected to my wrist watch where a GPS is tracking my moves. This makes it so that when I have been walking about or been out on a run I can sync all this data and replay the route I took, see on a map where I’ve been, the times when I was at specific points and at the same time the exact heartbeat I had when I was there. I am using multiple small devices that can communicate with each others to give me more data out of things I do. But there is more!

Change every app specific keyboard shortcut on a mac

Now and then you run across something that you had no idea was there. It simplifies you everyday life tenfold and you have no idea for how long you were missing out.

I have been using mac computers back and forth for almost twenty years and today I found something I that may or may not have been there for years. Let me share this little gem with you.

Application specific keyboard shortcuts that are made for a specific keyboard layout can in fact be changed even though they are not in the application’s own preferences.

Many applications have shortcuts made by the developers who were using US/UK layouts. Now for me who is using an SV layout keyboard this becomes bit of a problem mostly since the keys for [ and ] often are used. Now on an SV layout these keys are for Swedish letters å ä and ö.

Keyboard Shortcuts Mac

To change shortcuts using [ and ] you simply need to open up your System Preferences –> Keyboard -> Shortcuts (tab) and select App shortcuts. Here you can overwrite what ever shortcut you want and by doing so, the shortcut is actually changed in the application to.

Good stuff!

The value of a social network

Since I’ve started a challenge for myself on writing at least 750 words in English each day I thought I could use some of the text I write for an article here. This will be a longer than normal article and the topics will be of something I have been thinking about or working with in the past week. 

This week’s topic will be on the possible profit of big social networks and how to find which ones are valuable.

Goodbye Chrome, welcome Safari!

Safari logoWe’ve had a good run you and I. I remember writing an article in 2009 where I explained why I left Firefox for you. We’ve had a good run, but now we have come to an end. Goodbye Chrome, I’m going to use Safari instead.

I have been using Chrome more then four years and I have seen it doing about the same journey as Firefox made. Going from the hipp kid in the back of the bus, quicker and more agile then all the rest, it has now become what it set out to counter. It is today just another clunky browser.

It’s not all Chrome’s fault, I see how the plugins have made the experience much different then the product team first thought. And yes, many of the plugins I use in Chrome can be deleted but by doing so I will lose lot of functionality I’ve learnt to love.

In the end what makes or breaks a browser is speed and without really thinking about it I’ve seen myself using Safari more and more. It has not come to a point where I did the move. I defaulted Safari instead of Chrome.

Now let’s see if me and Safari can get a few years together before someone else has moved to the back of the bus – giving us things we could only dream about.