Things over Norway

I ran into this post yesterday regarding some strange glowing clouds over Norway. People raised the alarm about UFOs attacking the land and I can’t say that I blame them. What these pictures show, I would have guess it was alien-time all over.

The article was pushed by a whole bunch of magazines yesterday and have continued to show today as well. And the more readers of the story, the more theories pop up in the blog-sphere. I’d bet my money on the Russians though.

Svenska Dagbladet (English translation) reported that experts had said it might been a stray-missile going bad after a problematic launch. But at the same time other sources say that this was not the case. Hopefully the scared people who saw this phenomenon will get an answer though. I guess it might feel a bit strange to have things emitting light at your roofs which none will explain.

Full article at Mail Online

Strange things over Norway

Strange things over Norway

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