Information (almost) overload

Let’s start by sharing an important fact before we move along with this article. I am an information junkie. For at least fifteen years I have read more then a hundred electronic articles per day about subjects which can seem almost random. For a long time I have been using Google Reader to follow sites and blogs using RSS feeds. When ever I find a site or a blog I find interesting, I just add it to my Reader account and if gets into the steady stream of articles I get on a daily basis. I have tried to use other readers but I always return to Google Reader since it is the most slimed down  collection of articles which I also can use on multiple devices. But enough about the reader, what and why do I read?

The reason for me reading so many articles was first of all a personal interest in knowing everything, of course. But lately it has changed into a joint venture between my personal interest and my professional life. Since I work in a role where I need to keep updated on how technology evolves over time there is many news articles I read which is done so for a professional cause more then a personal one. Still; I have my own goal of knowing everything so all in all each article I read is one step closer to my goal.

Just a little while ago I noticed the statistics being shown under the “Trends” tab in my Google Reader. There is information there on how much you read, when you read and what your favorite reading is. Since I had not thought about this earlier the facts was very interesting for me and I thought I’d share what I found. So; these are the facts I’ve learnt about myself and my every day reading.

On a regular year I ready about 100’000 articles […]

I currently follow a bit more then a hundred blogs and sites, out of these I mark about 60 articles per month with a star which means for me that it is an article I return to and read at least once more not to miss out on any facts within it. On a regular year I ready about 100’000 articles which boil down to about 275 articles per day. Mondays are the day when I do the most of my reading, closely followed by Thursdays. Mornings, lunch breaks and late nights are when I usually do my reading and the clear winner of when most articles are crunched are before eight in the morning.

How about that?

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