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Change every app specific keyboard shortcut on a mac

Now and then you run across something that you had no idea was there. It simplifies you everyday life tenfold and you have no idea for how long you were missing out.

I have been using mac computers back and forth for almost twenty years and today I found something I that may or may not have been there for years. Let me share this little gem with you.

Application specific keyboard shortcuts that are made for a specific keyboard layout can in fact be changed even though they are not in the application’s own preferences.

Many applications have shortcuts made by the developers who were using US/UK layouts. Now for me who is using an SV layout keyboard this becomes bit of a problem mostly since the keys for [ and ] often are used. Now on an SV layout these keys are for Swedish letters å ä and ö.

Keyboard Shortcuts Mac

To change shortcuts using [ and ] you simply need to open up your System Preferences –> Keyboard -> Shortcuts (tab) and select App shortcuts. Here you can overwrite what ever shortcut you want and by doing so, the shortcut is actually changed in the application to.

Good stuff!

Learning to use my Mac

Just a little time ago I went into action with my plan to once again loose as much as possible connected to Microsoft Windows. Windows did have a bunch of years with me at the wheels but using Vista really made me see why I did miss my old (and not really that good) Mac OS 9 so much over the Windows alternative. Said and done, in front of me right now is a MacBook Pro and I just love it.

The change from Windows to Mac introduce a few problems though due to the fact I use the computer for mainly three things: Development, Writing and Graphical work. The application used for these are as always heavily dependent on shortcuts. And shortcuts on Mac is not like those on Windows even though you quite often can change just the CTRL against a CMD to get shortcuts to work. There still is a few shortcuts which really is different.

Tonight I finally found out where PgUp and PgDn was hidden on my MacBook-keyboard. And for those out there perhaps in the same seat as me: fn + Up Arrow and fn + Down Arrow is your friend! Also, one of the best shortcuts I use on Windows (at work) all the time is Windows + E to open a new Explorer-window. For some weeks I was under the impression this did not exist on Mac until I found out about ALT + CMD + Space.

Now everything rocks.

Smultron is no more

When it comes to nifty editors for Mac OS X there was one that I really liked named Smultron, by the swede Peter Borg. I felt that the application had about what I needed for a small-size editor and this morning I noticed that development of the product had been halted.

The reason for this Peter said was due to the amount of time development grab. The project can be reached on sourceforge.net though so hopefully someone else will pick it up so that it can keep on evolving.

Together with Smultron, Peter also noted that his two other projects Lingon and Hallon also was halted due to the same reason.

Windows 7 near release?

So, the news today seem to ooze of the information allegedly straight from Microsoft about Windows 7 being released between summer and christmas. Almost the same amount of people have heard summer as those who heard christmas so I think that we all can agree upon that it’s all just a bunch of rumors.

Anyhow, whether they release summer, winter, fall or spring. I will so get me a mac the next time I upgrade anyhow. I have given Microsoft about ten years now (before then I was on Mac OS) to prove that they have a clue but I was let down. The only bright spot on the Microsoft OS front was XP, really. I raise my finger for Windows 2000 which did work really smooth after a bunch of service packs but if I remember correctly there was quite too many crashes on that system as well.

To conclude, Windows – you had your go. I’m going home to Mac again.