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Avoid mail overload

Let’s face it. Not everyone have a mailbox that can be held empty on a daily basis to get maximum productivity. Some of us have a mailbox that feeds out of chaos and to change it would be nothing more then to introduce overhead into an already working workflow. But if we are not to empty it, how are we going to handle the mailbox in a way we can also work with?

Mailing for beginners and seniors alike

On a daily basis I come across people using mail in a way which is making everything harder then it had to be for everyone involved. There is a few very simple rules which I think all should obey to maximize the productivity and all in all use of e-mail as a serious way of communication in the twenty-first century.

The grand majority of all mails that arrive in my mailbox is spam and different types of commercials. Let’s jump straight into the action and list the rules as simple as they are.