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{ xenovoyance do stuff } is a site created and maintained by Martin Karlsson and kept under the domain xds.se. The content is mainly aimed towards technology and design related news and articles with a majority of the articles written in house.

Martin Karlsson sitting on a beachIt all started as a blog at Blogspot in the beginning of 2009 but after some months it was all moved to a hosted machine to be able to keep a better hand of the underlying system. The reason for the first article was more of an extended notebook for myself where I could write small articles so that I wouldn’t forget them. Quite soon I found that I quite liked to write and I just kept on going to see whether I could improve my language and writing skills as a bonus.

For some years now I have a personal interest in photography and invest a big part of my spare time to become a better photographer. As a part of this I also administrate the site digitalphotoguide.net where I try to collect information I learn myself. Hopefully I can bring some knowledge also to others.

I used to host my own photos before but I have now instead moved to Flickr, feel free to go and have a look at my photostream. All photos exist in higher quality if you are interested in running a photo in print. Just contact me for more information.

Thanks for stopping by, now go to a random page to get started!

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twitter.com/xenovoyance (English, on technology)
twitter.com/pmkarlsson (Swedish, on finance and trading)

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