NaMoWriMo 2012

NaMoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month as it stand for, is an yearly event taking place each November. Novelists gather around an online site and aim for a goal of 50’000 written words on a story in thirty days. It should be a new creation on which nothing was written prior to the first of November. The reason for the event is just to get past writers block and prove for yourself that you have the words inside of you, they just need to be written. Time is now up and it is time to look back at my contribution and how far I came but also what I gained from participation.

Changing text editor is not a small thing, say hello to Sublime Text

When on a Windows machine I have been using Notepad++ for many years as my one-stop-editor for everything I need to do quick and easy. It has served me well and it’s minimalistic edge has really been something I’ve loved it for. A change is however on the way. I have found another one.

Say hello to Sublime Text 2. I am not even sure that all functionality is there which I’ve learned to love in Notepad++ but still it made me switch silently. I just noticed today that I was using it instead of Notepad++ when I was throwing in a quick code fix for xds.se and it was as natural as if I had been using it for a long time. The full screen option in it gives your zen a boost in the right direction and together with the minimap at the right side it fitted me needs as the hand fits the glove. I also found that Sublime Text even supported markdown both in syntax and in visual appearance so that you can hide away all grungy code-ui and make it look like a quite slick text editor for writing text.

Even if you are not ready to let go of Notepad++ yet, give Sublime Text a spin and see how it works out for you.

Sublime Text 2

Fiction contest for the EVE universe

I stumbled upon this fiction contest a week ago where one is to write a short story which take place within the EVE universe. The rules was quite easy going and the only ones you really need to focus on is the fact that it must fit the universe, be no more then 3000 words and not to be centered around what is called a pod-pilot. So without further ado, I give you; The golden God.