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Netflix in Sweden

With HBO Nordic opening up very soon I got a notification this morning that Netflix now officially opened up their doors in Sweden. I just got a quick glance of the content they provide and by the look of it there wont be that many fresh series or movies. My guess is that content owners stick to a “theater, dvd/blue-ray and then online” policy on providing what they own to customers. I guess they might continue to do this for one or two more years before the physical media rental business might be gone.

Anyhow; looking forward of testing out Netflix as an alternative to Voddler, Headweb and iTunes! Since I am also a paying customer to Spotify, it’s said that I will get an even longer trial period of Netflix – the rest of 2012! To claim the offer, follow the link over at Netflix.

Book review: Snabba Cash by Jens Lapidus

Snabba cashSnabba cash by Jens Lapidus

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a book that received a great deal of media coverage when it was released. I did however have a massive backlog of books I wanted to read before I was ready for this so it has been waiting for me for quite some time. This however gave me a chance to read it outside of the review spotlights taking out its toll on my perception of the book.

The story is about a young man hunting for the good life and fast cash in the coke driven parts of high society Stockholm. It is a crime/gangster drama set off in current time and even though it shines through that Mr Lapidus is fresh on a literary basis he do succeed in showing of a world that feels realistic.

There is a main plot and a few sub plots which the reader is tagging along and I do enjoyed it. At the very last part of the book I however did get a feeling of a rushed ending but since this is something I often feel it might be as much my own reading as the authors story that created this feeling.

I rated the book above average and I believe that it is a score that would be shared with readers who are looking for a crime drama set in a cold and hard part of the Swedish society.

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Changing text editor is not a small thing, say hello to Sublime Text

When on a Windows machine I have been using Notepad++ for many years as my one-stop-editor for everything I need to do quick and easy. It has served me well and it’s minimalistic edge has really been something I’ve loved it for. A change is however on the way. I have found another one.

Say hello to Sublime Text 2. I am not even sure that all functionality is there which I’ve learned to love in Notepad++ but still it made me switch silently. I just noticed today that I was using it instead of Notepad++ when I was throwing in a quick code fix for xds.se and it was as natural as if I had been using it for a long time. The full screen option in it gives your zen a boost in the right direction and together with the minimap at the right side it fitted me needs as the hand fits the glove. I also found that Sublime Text even supported markdown both in syntax and in visual appearance so that you can hide away all grungy code-ui and make it look like a quite slick text editor for writing text.

Even if you are not ready to let go of Notepad++ yet, give Sublime Text a spin and see how it works out for you.

Sublime Text 2

Mailing for beginners and seniors alike

On a daily basis I come across people using mail in a way which is making everything harder then it had to be for everyone involved. There is a few very simple rules which I think all should obey to maximize the productivity and all in all use of e-mail as a serious way of communication in the twenty-first century.

The grand majority of all mails that arrive in my mailbox is spam and different types of commercials. Let’s jump straight into the action and list the rules as simple as they are.

Book review: The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne

The Mysterious Island  The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had some minor problems with the story which I found to be a bit stale in the middle of the book but the beginning and the end of it brought it back up there and I could not give it a three star rating so it ended up with four.

The story itself catches the reader into a world where all is lost and one can’t read it and not think about Robinson Crusoe. There are some parts in the story where they are alike but in other ways they are different categories. In the Mysterious Island we see how a single engineer can create a habitable world for a full group of colonists and let science prevail.

I highly recommend this book, both as a part of history since it is a story by Jules Verne but also since the story is interesting and provide the reader with surprises.

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Living off the grid

Economic crisis, unemployment and lack of just about everything. Media show us a picture of a world in a fast spiral down into the abyss but is is really a truthful picture we see? There are people who have made a decision to let society take it’s toll on it’s own and leave it all away. I’ve found myself to read ever more articles on the subject lately and simply thought I could share some of what I’ve read. This is all about survival in the wild.