For some years now I have a personal interest in photography and invest a big part of my spare time to become a better photographer. As a part of this I also administrate the site where I write both to educate others but also to strengthen my own skills. I used to host my own photos before but I have now instead moved to Flickr, feel free to go and have a look at my photo stream. All photos here exist in higher quality if you are interested in running a photo in print. Just contact me for more information. I am currently looking into moving away from Flickr but still, I have a presence there.

I’m starting to feel more at ease with my Nikon D80 and I find more challenges using it every time I’m out taking photographs. The setup I usually carry with me is my good old D80 body, Nikkor 18-200 VRII, Tokina 11-16 and sometimes my Sigma 105mm macro for close-ups. The Nikon 18-200 is by the way the best all-around lens I currently own and the possibilities using this lens is almost endless!

Latest addition is a Sigma 120-400 which I’ve planned to use for some nature photos which is an area I’m yet to feel on top of. Next planned update is one of the camera house itself since my old companion, the D80, has started to show signs of age and tear.

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