Living off the grid

Economic crisis, unemployment and lack of just about everything. Media show us a picture of a world in a fast spiral down into the abyss but is is really a truthful picture we see? There are people who have made a decision to let society take it’s toll on it’s own and leave it all away. I’ve found myself to read ever more articles on the subject lately and simply thought I could share some of what I’ve read. This is all about survival in the wild.

To leave everything behind is an extreme way of handling life and a way I would never see myself in. I am either way drawn to these stories since they do show the true survival power of human beings. I come to think of the documentary Grizzly Man about Timothy Treadwell who left everything behind to live in the wild – together with grizzly bears. He did it to show that the bears were not harmful as long as you lived with them and not against them. The documentary about his life really touched me and I wish for more to see it. On a similar topic I can take a moment to also mention Into the wild which describes a somewhat similar story but by a man named Christopher McCandless with a different background. Where Mr. Treadwell left society for a cause, Christopher McCandless left by a lack of one. Both films are great survival stories with an even greater depth of sadness. I do recommend them both.

There is a profound drive in each human to survive and by living our “simple” life we sometime forget this. When looking at the extreme and people who therefore leave everything and go into the wild we can do so and be amazed on what a single person is capable of. For those of us not willing to let everything to we can at least listen to the stories of those who do and perhaps learn to take a greater joy in what we have.

Simplicity is beautiful.

Images from Eric Valli’s: Off the grid.

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