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Windows 7 near release?

So, the news today seem to ooze of the information allegedly straight from Microsoft about Windows 7 being released between summer and christmas. Almost the same amount of people have heard summer as those who heard christmas so I think that we all can agree upon that it’s all just a bunch of rumors.

Anyhow, whether they release summer, winter, fall or spring. I will so get me a mac the next time I upgrade anyhow. I have given Microsoft about ten years now (before then I was on Mac OS) to prove that they have a clue but I was let down. The only bright spot on the Microsoft OS front was XP, really. I raise my finger for Windows 2000 which did work really smooth after a bunch of service packs but if I remember correctly there was quite too many crashes on that system as well.

To conclude, Windows – you had your go. I’m going home to Mac again.