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Speak up and rule your executive presentations

Many of us perform presentations in front of people in our daily work. It might be short or long presentations for a few or in front of many. We have been taught that to perform well as a presenter we should capture our listeners, keep them engaged and move them in a direction we want. If we are booked for an hour we should plan to finish of in five minutes short to open for questions and we should always keep a smile, trying to connect with the audience.

Context switching and why you should disable all notifications

Information overload is happening all around us today. We get too many mails, read too many notifications from social networks and at the same time try to post as many updates as we can on what we are doing. All this at the same time as we should maintain good workers munching through tasks as the Cookie Monster eat cookies. But how to stay on top of this and maximizing productivity? Should we break down tasks into microscopic parts just so that we will be able to check some of them off before we leave the office and get home?

Productivity today is not as much as finishing of tasks as to manage context switches. Zero inbox might be a goal for some but if you walk home without any idea what you did since you arrived zero inbox is doing you no good.

First of all and most important – stop checking your mail. Most of us have been lured into the trap that if we constantly check our email and keep notifications in our phones as soon as a mail arrive we can be more productive and act faster. Most of us who actually tried this have found however that this not the truth. By being interrupted every time anything happen we end up doing nothing else then trying to stay on top of what is going on instead of acting.

If you were to cut down on you mail checking to three times a day you would still be on top of that inbox wouldn’t you? The longest a mail would remain untouched in you inbox would be a couple of hours, that’s a fact. But do you get mad if you need to wait two hour on a mail after sending you question? Would you really?

Productivity today is not about finish the most tasks, it’s to switch between them with minimum loss. And the most efficient task switch is not to switch at all and instead finish what you do before you go for something else.

Email search is flawed

I use Outlook, Gmail and Mail on a daily basis on a wide range of devices as mail clients. Mail clients are used for three things in my life, to send mail, to read mail and to look up old mails to answer questions. The first two can be managed in all mail clients I have used but the problem often become visible when we look at the third. I have yet to find a single mail client that can provide me a search which gives me the answer I want in the first search. What would the perfect search look like you might ask?

Bookwrap for your pens

Bookstrap for pens
I just love these which I saw at Swiss-miss! Since I am one of those people who always have at least one notebook with me where ever I go I can really see a use for this. Most of the time I have my trusty Moleskin in my bad together with a handfull of pens in at least black and red ink. Today all my pens are in a leather pencil box which is not that easy to carry in a single hand, using this “journal bandolier” which they call it I could not only carry my note taking gear in one hand, I would look awesome while doing it too!

Anyone know where I can get hold of one in Sweden? (I only found them from Etsy in the US online) Let me know!