Seasonal Holidays and Evernote

Christmas has just passed and if you are anything like me you lock back on all the things you should have done but didn’t remember to do. So to fix this for the coming year I have identified two new uses of Evernote which I hope will help me to both plan gifts better for the next year but in the same time help me keep track of to whom I should send seasonal greeting cards! Simple lists once again, it is so easy!

To start of this project I have a brand new notebook in my Evernote account named “Things to remember”. In this notebook I store all things that you on different occasions find your self trying to remember. It can be the cryptographic combination of letters and numbers which identify what bags to use for you vacuum cleaner or it can be what socket the lamp has in your bedroom. Drop a note or a note holding a photo of the things you always forget and you’re all set. Some days ago I came up with two new lists for this notebook which is of course connected to the seasonal holidays and the actions surrounding these. The list was created just as normal out of problems seeking a solution.

Problem one, the gift paradigm
During the fifty one weeks of the year when you are not thinking of buying Christmas gifts there is quite often tips and hints on gifts you actually could buy. Moments passing by when friends and family mention things they need or things they maybe just want. Moment that make you think: “That would be a great present for him/her!”.

To handle this I have a new note in my Things to Remeber notebook called “Gift ideas” in which I just have names and things that I could get them for the next birthday or seasonal holiday. The list can look like this:

  • Jessica
    Trip to north pole
  • Emil
    That red shirt

When I’m away travelling or just out shopping I can just read through the list on my phone and see if there is anything I should pickup!

Problem two, the holiday cards
Every year when I am to write holiday greeting cards to send to family and friends I start wondering who to send to. The social rule I’ve learnt is to send to family and to all that sent you a card the previous year. So all easy then, with the small problem that I never ever remember who sent me cards the past year.

So, a list in my notebook it is! The list hold information on what occasion and from whom I got a letter as shown below:

  • Christmas 2010
    Parents <address goes here>
  • Bertil <address goes here>

Both these lists are so simple I wonder how come I haven’t created them before. But still, now their in place and I hope I now just remember to read them too! And by the way, today it is New Years Eve so; Happy New Year!


Evernote is an application in which you store notes of text, sound or images. If you want to read more about Evernote, please see what I wrote about it or head over to their official website.

2 comments for “Seasonal Holidays and Evernote

  1. Emil
    December 31, 2010 at 2:51 pm

    “That red shirt”
    does it come with the perks?

  2. Martin Karlsson
    December 31, 2010 at 3:27 pm

    Of course! 🙂

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