First look at Google+

So I finally got my hands on an Google+ invite and thought that I would share my first views of it. I want to note right away that since this is my first night with it I have not yet so many contacts or content there so some parts of this look might be missing the full picture of some features.

First thing when I got logged in was to just start clicking through the view that was there and I had some problems at a start to see where everything were. I take this as quite understandable since it is a all new layout I’ve not seen before but still, there was a moment of confusion in the beginning. After a few minutes it started to settle though and I got aquiented.


Circles is what G+ is using to characterize your contacts in a way where you have better control over who that will see what. But the most important thing to point out with circles from my point of view is that you can have “all” your contacts there but still have control over your private content. In Facebook I always had the problem of not wanting work contacts in my account since I want a clear distinction between my professional- and my private life. Circles really makes this distinction a no brainer.


Me and a couple of friends tried a hangout during our first hour of G+ where we discussed as we went along how things worked. I do believe that this boosted the understanding quite a bit since we could help each other and I have to say that the quality and simplicity of video and audio during this time was great. At least as good as a Skype conference, if not even better. What we did miss in Hangouts was a whiteboard to explain functionality and also a simple way of sharing files. Hopefully this will be added along the way.


Just a quick tryout of photos and the Android client seem to be good, the web interface to be used on iOS until the app is accepted was not that good.

So, all in all after just a couple of hours of Google+ I am still very positive to what I’ve seen. There is a lot of features I want to see in there and just to mention a few; file sharing in Hangouts would be great, Twitter integration and finally Sparks is still a bit.. I don’t really get it.

All in all, Google+ is showing muscles and I like what I see.

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