Radio by motion

In a world where everything need a touchscreen and finger swipes is the natural way of doing just everything comes a great conceptual product named R1. It is not good looking, it can not twitter, but still I so want one on my desk by some strange reason. The R1 is a radio which you control by moving it.

R1The pure aesthetic design of this product is not why I choose to write about it. This is an analog radio with nothing really fancy except the fact you can manage and use it even if completely blind. This is also the purpose of the radio according to the designer Il-Gu Cha, to make the radio more available for blind people. To turn it on you simply place it on a surface and move it away from you, he further away you move it and louder the volume. When the volume is correct you can move it sideways to change the tuning and to find a station.

The simplicity of this device do show that design is more then a shiny outer of a product. It can consist of a productified thought made into something which is made to work more then just to look good.


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