Who will take care of all the brats?

I WAS HOME this weekend with a bad cold which led to me spend alot of time in my sofa infront of my tv. Let me start by saying that I am not a big fan of reality-TV or the programs that are beeing sent as “prime-shows” today. I am more of a person who buy a full season (need I say that I live in a rural part of the world which has not yet recieved any TiVO? ) of whatever show I like which has an actual script and watch it in whatever order I feel like. But whatever, I felt ill and I craved for some entertainment so I turned to the tv.

THE SHOW that really got me going was ‘My Sweet Sixteen’ aired on MTV. For all of you who haven’t seen this show it is spoiled brats with bad parents throwing parties to show the world which douchebags they really are. The goal of the entire party is to spend as much money as possible and try to build up an image of a young person who would loose a leg to get their fifteen minutes of fame. Now you may say that the show is all free to watch and if I don’t like it I should just keep away and sure, I could. But I didn’t and now I’m here. It was just like when you are about to see something really awful. You know there will be bad dreams if you see it, but you can’t really turn your head either.

BACK TO THE EPISODE I was watching. This girl in the episode of the show was planning her party and was with her parents to a store to shop for a car. She picked one out but after hearing that it cost only about $40’000 she blew out of proportions and started to yell at her parents to pick a ‘more expensive car’. That’s right, she didn’t want a prettier car, a car of another color or even a cab. The only thing she wanted was a more expensive car and by refusing to give her this, the parents showed her that all they felt was utter hate and dispise of her. In her own words. And guess what – nobody want a screemy and spoiled teenage kid, so she freakin’ got it.

THAT WAS THE CUE for me to turn the tv off and go read a book instead. I have been raised to appreciate what I got and to do my best with what I have. I wonder how the kids of the newly rich of today will coop with the fact that real life someday catches on and everything is no longer all cuddly and fluffy. Who will take care of the brats when the stupid parents are no longer around?

ACCORDING TO a New York Times article the show reached 24 million viewers between the age 12 and 34 in the second quarter of 2008[1]. Now this is an amazing number of viewers one might think, another way of seeing it is that there is 24 million people out there with absolutly no brain. And for that last rant I sadly have no reference.

[1] http://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/23/arts/television/23mtv.html

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