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How I use my iPad

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The iPad was shown to the world and as usual the world quickly divided into two distinct teams. Once again it is a struggle between the people who likes Apple and the ones who don’t. I did like the idea of it from the first day I saw it but I did not have any idea how I would feel about it after a few weeks of usage.

I got my hands on an 16Gb Wifi iPad a couple of weeks ago when I was on vacation in New York. Not only did I get my iPad, I got the opportunity to visit the wonderful store located just next to central park, the glass cube, which made my creative mind jump because of the stunning architecture. Almost make me drool a bit even now when I think about it. But, enough about that, let’s jump straight into the usage of the device.

The iPadThe reason I bought the iPad was to use it as a casual device to use at my couch when watching TV in the evenings together with a portable movie player for when I travel. The idea of reading magazines and books on the device also tickled my imagination and I wondered whether or not I would like this over a good old book. The reason I did not buy the Amazon Kindle a year ago was that I feel that it was a bit to locked down and the ways it could be used seemed very limited. Since I’ve used the App Store for my iPhone for quite some time now I knew that this would not be the case with the iPad. I find new ways of usage for my iPhone every day thanks to it and the feeling is exactly the same with the iPad.

The screen is bright and have a high amount of detail, I never feel that it is blurry on text or on moving media so I can without any problems read text on it without any tired eyes. The touchscreen features is just as quick as one would want it and the response I get when using it is wonderful. Books with black text on white background is rendered very smooth but also colorful magazines (I use an app called Zinio to get magazines, recommended) is rendered very nice and vivid and the move, pan and zoom is working in a natural way. There still exist a few things I do miss on the device, some things might seem like small things while other are bigger. First of all the home button on the device is not lit in any way. When using the iPad at night in the dark I often find myself to spin the device around every time I put it away for some reason which leads to that every time I need to press the home button, I do not know on which side of the screen it is and I have to start fumble about to find it. Small thing, but I think of it every time. Lack of Flash need to be mentioned since it has been a very hot topic in media ever since the release. I personally have not really missed Flash-support during the time I have used the iPad so in my personal opinion, no loss. The battery is drained faster then I’d like it to but still I know that I have been using the device heavy. I have been watching a few movies on it in a row without any problems and that’s about what I need.

So, what is it that I actually use my iPad for today?

More information

  • For more information about the Apple iPad, App Store or iBooks, visit apple.com.
  • For more information about Zinio, visit zinio.com
  • For more information about WordPress, visit wordpress.com

I must agree that I have played quite a few games on it since I got it in my hands. Just as I did when I got my iPhone. But part from the gaming I have also found myself to use it for most part of all random surf I do when I’m home. I no longer find a reason to start my desktop machine if there isn’t something special I need to use it for. I’ve been using it for movies and TV series also, the ability to watch what I want where ever I am is just great. And last but not in any way least, papers and magazines is made for the iPad. For quite some time I have been wondering how the media would look like to get me to see the benefit of digital editions of paper magazines, and this is it. Good size and wonderful screen makes reading and watching great. Of course the iBooks application makes it easier then ever to find something to actually read as well.

I do love the iPad more then I thought I would and I find myself using it more and more every day passing. My desktop computer is feeling ever more alone as I find out that I can do almost everything I need on the iPad instead.

Oh and by the way, I wrote this article on my iPad using the WordPress application available from the App Store.

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