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Book review: The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne

The Mysterious Island  The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had some minor problems with the story which I found to be a bit stale in the middle of the book but the beginning and the end of it brought it back up there and I could not give it a three star rating so it ended up with four.

The story itself catches the reader into a world where all is lost and one can’t read it and not think about Robinson Crusoe. There are some parts in the story where they are alike but in other ways they are different categories. In the Mysterious Island we see how a single engineer can create a habitable world for a full group of colonists and let science prevail.

I highly recommend this book, both as a part of history since it is a story by Jules Verne but also since the story is interesting and provide the reader with surprises.

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The force is strong with Spotify in the US

According to an article at AllThingsD Spotify now have 1.4M signed users for its free trial in the US. Not just that, they also have 175’000 paying customers who can be added to the more than 1.5M paying customers already in Europe. Spotify is becoming a force to recon in the music industry, and fast. Some of the success of the launch is most likely thanks to the lobby ground work that has been performed by Sean Parker for one, prior to the launch; but the service is good enough to stand on its own. If it was not the US launch would never have happened to start with.

So are these numbers good or bad; with what can we compare them? Well to the European market of course.

Snooze for iPhone

Can get up in the morning and also feel like donating some money? There’s an app for that. Presenting Snooze, by LetGive, Inc, which is an app which pledge $0.25 each time you snooze. You simply install the app, setup which charity you want your donations to reach and then start snoozing away.

I am one of those who have two alarms set each morning where the first one goes off simply by giving me the pleasure of snoozing once. Due to that I can calculate who much I have to pledge each month using simple math.

Those of you who can stop hitting that snooze button however; this one is for you!

Minecraft’s past, present and future

A house built in MinecraftFor the last year one game has become both the symbol of indie game development and also how to make a dream come true for a developer who want to make a game for the crowd. Not only has it changed how we see indie development but it has also taught us a great deal of how to approach a market which can be very hard to define. The game is of course Minecraft.

Let’s look into what the game and it’s creator is all about.