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Goodbye Chrome, welcome Safari!

Safari logoWe’ve had a good run you and I. I remember writing an article in 2009 where I explained why I left Firefox for you. We’ve had a good run, but now we have come to an end. Goodbye Chrome, I’m going to use Safari instead.

I have been using Chrome more then four years and I have seen it doing about the same journey as Firefox made. Going from the hipp kid in the back of the bus, quicker and more agile then all the rest, it has now become what it set out to counter. It is today just another clunky browser.

It’s not all Chrome’s fault, I see how the plugins have made the experience much different then the product team first thought. And yes, many of the plugins I use in Chrome can be deleted but by doing so I will lose lot of functionality I’ve learnt to love.

In the end what makes or breaks a browser is speed and without really thinking about it I’ve seen myself using Safari more and more. It has not come to a point where I did the move. I defaulted Safari instead of Chrome.

Now let’s see if me and Safari can get a few years together before someone else has moved to the back of the bus – giving us things we could only dream about.

Chrome instead of Firefox

google-chrome-logoFor quite a long time I have been completly loyal to Firefox as my number one choice when it comes to browsers. The possibility to create a configured tool which work in a way I have choosen have really been the functionallity I have loved. For just a few months ago though I started to glance over towards Chrome, the browser which is developed by Google.

To set the record straight right away I have not used Internet Explorer since back in the days when you used Netscape or IE. I never liked the way it worked and the ways you did configure it and quite early I went with firefox instead because it was primarily fast and did a better job in rendering pages in my point of view. Later on when I went into the field of web-design and coding I felt the real wrath of IE when trying to build design which looked good in different browsers. Firfox more or less was the better alterative for a long time.

Lately I have started to notice that my Firefox is running quite slow though. The possibility to add my own plugins and such have made it quite bulky. I know that it is my own fault in many ways but the possibility is there and when I as a user use it the applicaiton can’t really coop with the extra load. This was the main reason I started to look at Chrome.
First times I tried the browser out I was in no way hooked and just thought it felt a bit strange to “learn a new way” of how to do things. To be frank, the only direct differenct between Chrome and Firefox is that you can execute search-queries from the “adress-bar”. This may seem like a utterly small feature but when you have used it for just a day you acctually start to grow fond of it. This together with the shortcuts on your keyboard and you have almost the features which Firefox so strong. The entire Chrome also breath a GTD-feeling where functions can be found where you guess they be. All settings can be reach by clicking the big wrench for example.The browser today has become so much more then a simple browser for content, we use it as a platform in our everyday work and even use it instead of other applications in an ever growing pace. Just as with other tools we take for granted it has to work and be as transparent as possible. As a bonus on top of everything Chrome actually is faster to startup and even to render pages on my systems. This is true both on my computer at work and my computer at home.

So there you have it, the reason to why I ditched Firefox and went for Chrome: Speed, simplicity and GTD-mentality.