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Majestic clouds now also over Romania

Not so long ago I had an article about a very strange phenomena visible in the sky above Moscow, Russia. The cloud formation shaped just as a circle was said to be a freak cloud-formation with passing sun-light passing through. Now the same phenomena happened again in Romaina and the report of the clouds is once again – a freak formation of clouds. The story is contested by sceptics though who claim that this is something from another world.

One question raised from viewers of the clip on Live Leak was regarding the fact that this is something never seen before but now have been seen in two different places in the world with just a small period of time in between.

The meteorologists explain that this seem to be what is called a “fallstreak hole” (also known as Punch Hole Clouds due to their look of a hole in the clouds) though which do show up when super-cooled moisture can not turn into ice and therefore remain in a supercooled state in the sky. And by searching for images of these fallstreak holes one can find allot of really amazing images. How these phenomenon can mistaken for a UFO is not in any way strange when one look at them and it is also obvious here that the formations shown in Russia and Romania is not at all isolated to a few sightings.

Nature, is she not beautiful?


Majestic cloudformations over Moscow

Mother nature has an ability to produce some quite impressive things, most often in places and times when you did not see it coming. I found this movie over at Telegraph of really amazing cloud-formation which indeed look like the start of an alien-invasion. As I first saw it I couldn’t get the thought out of my head that this must have been the look over the skies of Johannesburg when the ship arrived in District 9.

Here is the video from youtube

The full story over at Telegraph. Another story of the same clouds was also run at Boing Boing.