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Hot or cold water?

Since I was young I’ve always been told to wash my hands in hot water because it’s more hygienic then to wash in cold water. I can’t remember who told me this the first time but I know for a fact that I have been raised with this claim. I even asked my mother last weekend if she remembered if she was the one telling me this as a fact but she denied that she was the one given me this claim. So if not form my parents it must have come from school. But really, is hot water really better then cold when it comes to washing you hands?

I was quite surprised when I read an article in NY Times some days ago about the fact that cold water is just as good as hot when it comes to wash my hands. It might me more comfortable to put your hands in but you will not be more clean afterwards then it you had splashed those hands with cold water. Hot water can even be less good as cold water due to the fact that the heat from the water might increase the possibility of irritations on the skin from the soap.

So there you have it. Hot or cold water wont really make any difference, as long as you mix it with soap and put your hands into it you will get the effect you wish.