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3d movies are the mini discs of our time

Sometimes there is a rapid development in technology which opens up a gap between the consumer and the industry. The consumer wonders what the new technology has to offer  and the industry see it as a quick way to generate an alternate income stream. In some cases the sad part is that the industry keep on beating on a dead horse even though the consumers have left it a long time ago. This is about 3d movies in cinemas and on your TV at home.

Netflix in Sweden

With HBO Nordic opening up very soon I got a notification this morning that Netflix now officially opened up their doors in Sweden. I just got a quick glance of the content they provide and by the look of it there wont be that many fresh series or movies. My guess is that content owners stick to a “theater, dvd/blue-ray and then online” policy on providing what they own to customers. I guess they might continue to do this for one or two more years before the physical media rental business might be gone.

Anyhow; looking forward of testing out Netflix as an alternative to Voddler, Headweb and iTunes! Since I am also a paying customer to Spotify, it’s said that I will get an even longer trial period of Netflix – the rest of 2012! To claim the offer, follow the link over at Netflix.