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Inkscape, an Illustrator alternative

Inkscape is an open source SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) editor. It has the functionality to create everything from simple to semi-professional work. The interface is clear to understand and easy to get started with. Personally I have quite little experience of Illustrator so the transition to new icons and tools went very smooth.

inkscape-screenWhen it comes down to creating vector graphics most people see Adobe Illustrator as the best (and only) tool to use. Often people get their hands on the application in school or at work but almost no one have the money to buy it to use back home. This is where Inkscape steps into the field.

The biggest strength of Inkscape is that it is really easy to get started with and the interface works to help the user instead of scaring them. Also, the fact that the application is free to use make me happy.

Weaknesses exist everywhere and Inkscape just as many other open source suffer from some performance problems. From time to time when I use it to create I all the sudden get into a state of lag. After a bit of consulting using Google I find that my problems seem to have a wider audience and quite a few other have the same issues. But this aside I also have a bit of a problem using layers in Inkscape, more then rarely I find myself adding objects to a layer which I wasn’t supposed to do.

Inkscape is a worthy alternative to Illustrator when one look at the fact that is is an free alternative. There are some issues which makes it hard to use in a commercial product-line but for amateurs and semi-professionals this can make do for most things you need to create vector graphics. I’d say four out of five, I really think that it is a great application. If it had not been a free application it would have received one plus less though due to the performance problems I’ve got.

plusplusplusplusFor more information and download links check out the Inkscape site.

Die Welle, aka The Wave

I REMEMBER BACK IN SCHOOL quite some years ago, we got a book in our hands and about one week to finish it. The title of this book was The Wave and we all read and tried to analyze. Probably the understanding of the actual story in this book did not hit me until a few years later, I thought I understood it but I guess I didn’t.This old thought made me fire of one big smile when I found out that this story actually had been made into a movie. Had to see it.

THE MOVIE kept the story and the feeling as I remembered it, some parts of it was changed to better fit a visual interpretation of course. The Wave is about a teacher which is a warrior of the old reactive ways and his mindset of letting the kids understand how the world works. By setting up a one week project where he aims to show everyone how easy it is to be caught up in a dictatorship he cross the line of what a teacher actually should let his pupils do.

BY THE FACT that the movie also is a German production, set in Germany in our time, the question about if a people who were enslaved in about fifty years ago can be so blind that they fall into the same trap once again is perhaps more up-to-date today then in a long time. The world spins on and it is so easy to forget about old teachings and do the same errors over and over again.

I CAN RECOMEND The Wave for most people out there. If you are a teacher speaking of the power of a group this is a great tool of education. Or if you are a parent trying to explain to your child about how easy it is to be talked into doing things you never had done else; this movie is for you all.

You can find more information about the movie over at IMDB.