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Will 3D printing change everything?

3D printing really took of in 2013. For me living in Sweden there has been lot of buzz surrounding a company called Arcam that sky-rocketed on the Nasdaq OMX (Stockholm Stock Exchange).

For the everyday Joe it might be hard to grasp what all the fuzz is all about. When I get asked about 3D printing I often chose to explain by the spare part problem solution. If a machine breaks down, using 3D print a spare part can be built that can be used until a real spare part get delivered. Since it will be a temporary part it can be created by a cheaper material and be used as a solution not to loose momentum by waiting for spare parts from the other side of the world.

The medical world has also discussed some way 3D printing can be used to make specific meds or individually fitted prostethic parts or even organs.

I found a short informative movie on 3D printing I thought I’d share to shed even some more light on the subject.