Webbdagarna 2014

I had the pleasure to visit a full day conference by Internet World a few weeks back called Webbdagarna. This is a traveling conference in Sweden and each conference have a set topic which the talks in it is connected to. I left the event with five topics that I’d like to go through.

The Apple Paradigm shift

When discussing companies that have adapted to their market and really become a force to reckon with Apple is always a company that comes into discussion. What many forget is that to become what Apple is today, they did change their entire company into something completely new. From being a company selling desktop computer hardware they evolved into a software reseller that also sell some hardware. Out of the hardware they sell, most are mobile devices as phones or tablets and just a smaller part is today that of desktop computer hardware.

So remember, to evolve as a company Apple did face their biggest challenge, changed their entire business and reforged into what they are today.

Device Agnostic Design

Mobile first has become almost like a development mantra in the last years. Everything should be built so that we can run it on a desktop computer just as with a mobile. What the talk I attended discussed was that this mentality no longer works when we now face smart watches with a one by one inch screen. To use these devices we need to rethink what we should be able to do with them. Introducing; Device Agnostic Design.

Instead of looking at specific devices as browser or iOS app we should look at what we can/want to do with the screen size we have. A watch will not have the same functionality as the desktop application since it’s purpose will be notifications and one click actions primary. The app for the watch should be optimized for these functions and execute om them as good as possible instead of trying to generalize the functions for it.

Facebook is the UX standard configuration

Facebook rose as the number one social network but has since started to drop back by loosing it’s cool. Even though the number of users remain high the platform is evolving more into a platform based around ads, search and controlled environments where we can shop. However, we still need to look into how things are solved in Facebook when we are designing interfaces. Lot of companies today have a presence on Facebook through Facebook Pages. The way information is categorized and shown is how we today expect things to work. So, if designing interfaces – look how it is handled in the sites that your users are already using and by doing so they will not be forced to learn a new interface.

Generation Y flies a drone while generation X chase them in a helicopter

Just a few years ago big productions meant big companies. Areal photography was brought up as an example that was done from a helicopter by a film team and the costs was massive. Today we can get the same production value out of a single entrepreneur with a drone and a common camera. In other words, a production that was budgeted to the hundreds of thousands five years ago can today be done by a low number of tens of thousands.

For some parts it can even be done by less then ten thousand. The big wave surf competitions that take place in Hawaii was shown as an example and how there was a young entrepreneur who was filming the competitions last year with aerial shots. An amazing production out of a minimum budget.

Same development can be seen in other markets when small teams can go face to face against massive corporations by creating small and specific tools and apps that can challenge and take market shares.

Ten year vision with a six month plan

By looking at great companies and their leaders one thing that came back quite a few times was the idea to use a ten year vision on a six month plan. The vision should tell the direction and what the goal is but the plan should just be the coming six moths and how these months are to be used so that we get closer to the vision.

This can of course also be used in personal development where we can all set up a ten year vision and then identify some smaller parts that we can do in the coming six months to move in direction towards the vision.

There we go, my five bullets from Webbdagarna 2014. Hope you can use this as input as we move into a new fresh year – see you in 2015!

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