Information (almost) overload

Let’s start by sharing an important fact before we move along with this article. I am an information junkie. For at least fifteen years I have read more then a hundred electronic articles per day about subjects which can seem almost random. For a long time I have been using Google Reader to follow sites and blogs using RSS feeds. When ever I find a site or a blog I find interesting, I just add it to my Reader account and if gets into the steady stream of articles I get on a daily basis. I have tried to use other readers but I always return to Google Reader since it is the most slimed down  collection of articles which I also can use on multiple devices. But enough about the reader, what and why do I read?

Learning to use my Mac

Just a little time ago I went into action with my plan to once again loose as much as possible connected to Microsoft Windows. Windows did have a bunch of years with me at the wheels but using Vista really made me see why I did miss my old (and not really that good) Mac OS 9 so much over the Windows alternative. Said and done, in front of me right now is a MacBook Pro and I just love it.

The change from Windows to Mac introduce a few problems though due to the fact I use the computer for mainly three things: Development, Writing and Graphical work. The application used for these are as always heavily dependent on shortcuts. And shortcuts on Mac is not like those on Windows even though you quite often can change just the CTRL against a CMD to get shortcuts to work. There still is a few shortcuts which really is different.

Tonight I finally found out where PgUp and PgDn was hidden on my MacBook-keyboard. And for those out there perhaps in the same seat as me: fn + Up Arrow and fn + Down Arrow is your friend! Also, one of the best shortcuts I use on Windows (at work) all the time is Windows + E to open a new Explorer-window. For some weeks I was under the impression this did not exist on Mac until I found out about ALT + CMD + Space.

Now everything rocks.

Things over Norway

I ran into this post yesterday regarding some strange glowing clouds over Norway. People raised the alarm about UFOs attacking the land and I can’t say that I blame them. What these pictures show, I would have guess it was alien-time all over.

The article was pushed by a whole bunch of magazines yesterday and have continued to show today as well. And the more readers of the story, the more theories pop up in the blog-sphere. I’d bet my money on the Russians though.

Svenska Dagbladet (English translation) reported that experts had said it might been a stray-missile going bad after a problematic launch. But at the same time other sources say that this was not the case. Hopefully the scared people who saw this phenomenon will get an answer though. I guess it might feel a bit strange to have things emitting light at your roofs which none will explain.

Full article at Mail Online

Strange things over Norway

Strange things over Norway

Chunks of ice found on moon

Moon is a place that has been said to be a very dry and cold place since the first time we started to glance towards it. Pictures from it has show a fine layer of dust all over the surface and most people therefore took it for granted that the entire planet was a dried out and vast place. This understanding has stood for many years but now it seem that this is to be rocked to a completely new image of how our neighbor in the sky is built.

Recent findings by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter show that there exist polar ice on the moon. The amount of ice found is still very small so that we will not find any lakes or seas any time soon. Instead the chunks was found in a few permanently shadowy places never before explored. Still, the existence of water will tell us that there actually exist water outside of planet earth, and not only in asteroids and such. A source of water on the moon will also be of great value for a future base.

Bombing the moon is how the method has been called in media and it was by this that scientist could get data on particles thrown from the surface which made it possible to find the water. And no it was not really a bombing of the moon. Instead it was two satellites which was launched with a direct collision-course against the moon and when they crashed down on the surface it was possible to analyze the clouds which rose form the collision and distinguish what they did contain.

Makes one wonder how long we actually is from setting up a permanent base on our closest neighbour. As of now we have a source of water, we have minerals which is said to contain oxygen and we also have a way of creating a material similar to concrete with which we can build simple constructions as buildings or roads.

Earth to moon-base, pass the salt please.


Majestic clouds now also over Romania

Not so long ago I had an article about a very strange phenomena visible in the sky above Moscow, Russia. The cloud formation shaped just as a circle was said to be a freak cloud-formation with passing sun-light passing through. Now the same phenomena happened again in Romaina and the report of the clouds is once again – a freak formation of clouds. The story is contested by sceptics though who claim that this is something from another world.

One question raised from viewers of the clip on Live Leak was regarding the fact that this is something never seen before but now have been seen in two different places in the world with just a small period of time in between.

The meteorologists explain that this seem to be what is called a “fallstreak hole” (also known as Punch Hole Clouds due to their look of a hole in the clouds) though which do show up when super-cooled moisture can not turn into ice and therefore remain in a supercooled state in the sky. And by searching for images of these fallstreak holes one can find allot of really amazing images. How these phenomenon can mistaken for a UFO is not in any way strange when one look at them and it is also obvious here that the formations shown in Russia and Romania is not at all isolated to a few sightings.

Nature, is she not beautiful?