Hot or cold water?

Since I was young I’ve always been told to wash my hands in hot water because it’s more hygienic then to wash in cold water. I can’t remember who told me this the first time but I know for a fact that I have been raised with this claim. I even asked my mother last weekend if she remembered if she was the one telling me this as a fact but she denied that she was the one given me this claim. So if not form my parents it must have come from school. But really, is hot water really better then cold when it comes to washing you hands?

I was quite surprised when I read an article in NY Times some days ago about the fact that cold water is just as good as hot when it comes to wash my hands. It might me more comfortable to put your hands in but you will not be more clean afterwards then it you had splashed those hands with cold water. Hot water can even be less good as cold water due to the fact that the heat from the water might increase the possibility of irritations on the skin from the soap.

So there you have it. Hot or cold water wont really make any difference, as long as you mix it with soap and put your hands into it you will get the effect you wish.

A first glance at Geocaching

Haven’t we all since we were children dreamt of finding a treasure just as in the tales? Something tells me that this is exactly the feeling people doing geocaching is feeling once again in their lives. And that was really the feeling I had when I went out last night with my trustworthy iPhone looking for my first hidden treasure in a game which is growing ever stronger right not – Geocaching! For people who never heard of this I will give a quick rundown on how it all works.

Geocaching is what one would call a game or a sport where people all over the world is looking for hidden treasures, here called caches, using map, problem-solving and a GPS-unit. First of all the people looking for the caches go to geocaching.com and can search for caches in their own vicinity. Taking down the coordinates to the cache or a place nearby and then head out to find it! Some caches are easy to find and it is just to go to the given coordinates while other is more complex to find and you need to solve problems and even triangulate new coordinates using riddles and math-problems. All caches contain a log-book in which finders can write a small note to other finders or just to claim their find. But in some caches there is also things to barter with. The rule that apply to the things in a cache is that if you take something out, you must put something back in. And the content can be really just about anything

So who did hide these caches from the very beginning you may ask? Well this is the complete beauty of it all. Everyone can create a cache and just log it at the website making it available for other people to find! some caches are big and other is small. The more one look for them the more you can find, some caches is shown right out in the public but invisible when you are not looking for them. After you start being a geocacher you quite fast have to take nothing for granted. Things can be hidden everywhere!

Equipment needed to start geocaching is really nothing at all. You can look up caches at home, mark them on a map and go out looking without nothing else. What really makes this easier though is if you have a portable GPS-unit which you can bring. Nowadays when GPS is something built in to ever more mobile phones this makes geocaching more available to the public then ever! What I quickly learned was to create a small kit you can bring when hunting for caches. The kit can be a couple of pens so that you can enter the log of a cache even if the original pens is gone (or in some caches the pen just wont fit), some things to trade if you find something in a cache you want to keep and an electronic map and preferably a GPS.

I found my first cache yesterday and was out today as well and found my second cache which was located very near my home! So if you feel this sound interesting, go to geocaching.com and search for caches near your home. Perhaps you find just as I that I pass by small hidden treasures everyday. Not until now I knew about them and now I can’t stop looking for new ones.

Majestic cloudformations over Moscow

Mother nature has an ability to produce some quite impressive things, most often in places and times when you did not see it coming. I found this movie over at Telegraph of really amazing cloud-formation which indeed look like the start of an alien-invasion. As I first saw it I couldn’t get the thought out of my head that this must have been the look over the skies of Johannesburg when the ship arrived in District 9.

Here is the video from youtube

The full story over at Telegraph. Another story of the same clouds was also run at Boing Boing.

Imagine the tenth dimension

The full concept of dimensions is an area many of us run into during our late years of school and for the most part of us there it also ends. For people interested in physics dimensions is a crucial element though to understand our everyday happenings and doings. The dimensions is like the jester in a deck of cards, something we can pull out when nothing else seem to work out. The jester joins the game and bring with it logic which we can use to solve problems otherwise unsolved.

A while ago I ran into the book “Imagining the Tenth Dimension” by Rob Bryanton. Or more truthfully I ran into the website about the book where the concepts are visualized. It has become something of a mantra for me for every time I feel that I think to understand the world around us (or when Hybris kicks in as it does now and then) I use this visualization to get my feet back down to earth. Even though I’ve watched it multiple times not, I still get fascinated by it.

So I challenge you, look at the movie and really focus on understanding what is explained. Try to not think to hard though, when I look at it sometimes my brain hurts a bit.

Things to come

So, updates have been a bit slow lately and the reason for this is that my time on evenings have been taken by some other projects I sat myself into. As an act of confusion I have four different “small side-projects” as of now of which one is to bring some structure and simplicity to this place. I have the sketches on paper of what I want with this place and now they just have to bee put into code as well.

Part from that there is one other web-project where I’m working on which I hope that I can out in a week or something like that. Also I’m trying to get a better way of publishing my strip, the solution I use right now is quite ugly to be honest – but easy! And on top of that I’m doing one totally secret project that is totally frekkin’ awsome. Hope to bring some light on that one as well in the weeks to come.

Now, back to the drawingbord – need to squeeze an more hour or two out of this day!