Learning to use my Mac

Just a little time ago I went into action with my plan to once again loose as much as possible connected to Microsoft Windows. Windows did have a bunch of years with me at the wheels but using Vista really made me see why I did miss my old (and not really that good) Mac OS 9 so much over the Windows alternative. Said and done, in front of me right now is a MacBook Pro and I just love it.

The change from Windows to Mac introduce a few problems though due to the fact I use the computer for mainly three things: Development, Writing and Graphical work. The application used for these are as always heavily dependent on shortcuts. And shortcuts on Mac is not like those on Windows even though you quite often can change just the CTRL against a CMD to get shortcuts to work. There still is a few shortcuts which really is different.

Tonight I finally found out where PgUp and PgDn was hidden on my MacBook-keyboard. And for those out there perhaps in the same seat as me: fn + Up Arrow and fn + Down Arrow is your friend! Also, one of the best shortcuts I use on Windows (at work) all the time is Windows + E to open a new Explorer-window. For some weeks I was under the impression this did not exist on Mac until I found out about ALT + CMD + Space.

Now everything rocks.

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