Things to come

So, updates have been a bit slow lately and the reason for this is that my time on evenings have been taken by some other projects I sat myself into. As an act of confusion I have four different “small side-projects” as of now of which one is to bring some structure and simplicity to this place. I have the sketches on paper of what I want with this place and now they just have to bee put into code as well.

Part from that there is one other web-project where I’m working on which I hope that I can out in a week or something like that. Also I’m trying to get a better way of publishing my strip, the solution I use right now is quite ugly to be honest – but easy! And on top of that I’m doing one totally secret project that is totally frekkin’ awsome. Hope to bring some light on that one as well in the weeks to come.

Now, back to the drawingbord – need to squeeze an more hour or two out of this day!

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