Whiteboard can now be everywhere

Whiteboards have become a standard today in schools, conference-rooms and even in private personal work spaces. Big glossy surfaces in cheap framing nailed to walls is a great way of improvising productivity and creativity because it makes the process of brainstorming so much easier. Still they have remained glossy surfaces sitting in cheap frames. Well that has been the case up until now – let’s pain a whiteboard everywhere.


You have most likely seen chalkboard-paint before, to make every wall a painting in the making. However these boards have also a great negative aspect of bringing allot of dirt into the room where they are located. The whiteboard do not do this and can also be in higher contrast using multiple colors and so forth. And this weekend I found out about a company called Ideapaint who sell whiteboard-paint on the gallon so that you can actually make every wall in your home a surface on which you can draw, brainstorm or write a novel on.

The great pros of whiteboard-paint does not end there. When we have the ability to pain everything in this manner we can create tables, kitchens or even bedrooms where we have surfaces just waiting to get scribbled upon with great ideas.

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