Evernote quick tip: IOU

I’m a heavy Evernote user and have incorporated it into many aspects of my daily work. One thing I use it for and would like to promote is the IOU notebook – keep track of what you have loaned from others as well as what they’ve loaned from you!


  1. Create a notebook called ‘IOU’
  2. IOU noteIf you loan something or someone else loan from you, create a post in IOU with information of what was loaned, from/to who etc. (If you want you can even snap a picture of it to be able to quickly find it later) 
  3. Add a checkbox at the end of your newly created note. If the checkbox is not crossed, the IOU is still valid. If it is crossed, everything has been returned and all is good.

Evernote Saved Search

The checkbox we added in the end will be used in a Saved Search to quickly find a list of things that are still not returned. Just type ‘todo:false’ in the search field and we are all set! You can even save this search for later so that you do not have to type it again!

I hope this tip can help you keep track of loaned things just as it has for me!

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