2012 in hindsight

Yet another year has passed by and it’s time to gather the facts and see how the year has been treating us all. What happened in the year and what from it will I take for the coming year.

Let us start with some numbers. My goal for 2012 was to increase my creativity and to write more and photograph more. Fourteen blog posts was written for xds.se and eight posts for digitalphotoguide.net. Views on these was a bit lower this year then the last, it counted in on a bit over 2600 unique readers which get us at about seven per day. On top of this, 219 tweets, 57 Instagram photos and 59 photos to Flickr. By the side of this my Google Reader account has now passed 300’000 articles read since I started to use it May, 2010. It was definitely an active year.

From a health point of view I exercised for 164 hours and 38 minutes according to my workout diary (I use a Swedish service called Funbeat since my friends are using the same service) and ran a distance of 339.8km which is a bit over 200 miles.

So what happened around the world then.

  • July 30 saw the biggest power outage the world have ever seen when 620 million people where without power in India.
  • August 6, a craft lands on the surface of Mars and we all get to know the rover called Curiosity.
  • August 25 the world lost the first man who walked on the surface of the moon.

    “That’s one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind. –Neil Armstrong”

  • October 24-30, hurricane Sandy strikes and leave destruction in it’s path.
  • December 21th was the date the world was going to end again but didn’t.

So how about 2013 then, what are the goal for the coming year? Naturally I need to continue to feed my creativity. More words to be written and more photos to be taken, just as the goal was for 2012. This time around I have data to use it against so here’s the goals for 2013:

  1. 30+ posts written for xds.se and digitalphotoguide.net and 10’000+ unique visitors.
  2. 150+ hours of workout and a ran distance of 500km.
  3. 4 performed focused photowalks in different locations.

Wish me luck!

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