February not like the others

The new year always start with the month of confusion, January. After the holidays people return to their work and find the list of items they should have done by the end of the year but did not. The list is long and for some reason, the items on it are often big and time consuming. To jump start the new year we plan the coming months and what need to be finished by what date and this is where the whole yearly planning get out of control at an early stage. Enter February – the great deceiver.

Where all the other months of the year hold a full thirty and a half days February does not. And even though it does not every year, we tend to miscalculate it every time we plan for it. All from personal finance to professional project handling. The second month of the year is a problem. Or the problem is that we still have not learnt how to calculate for it. There is generally speaking two ways of interpreting the month. Your choice of the two is often knit together with you title and profession.

How Managers see February
As a manager February is connected in the brain to the sentence “shorter month” which translate into a fact where things asked for in February will be delivered faster then if they were to be delivered in March.

How everyone else see February
February is the shorter month so of course, things promised in February can without any problems be pushed to March. Also, less working days for the same pay if you’re on monthly payroll.

So then, what to do?
With the knowledge at hand about the deceiver one can do what hurts it the most. Spread the word and inform people you make promises against how you see the second month. Let us making life easier for everyone and be frank on how we see the only month that is out of bounds.

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