Story update: HTC Hero vs. iPhone

Some week ago I wrote an article on the battle between the Apple iPhone and the HTC Hero. Daily Mail has run their own battle now and gave the HTC a really good review. There were a number of different prices including ‘Gadget of the year’ and ‘Phone of the year’. The iPhone keep the royal crown for yet another year but the Hero did get a medal for the ‘Best Gadget 2009’ which is quite impressing!

The iPhone didn’t go away without a price though. ‘Phone of the year’ was awarded the now highly awarded smartphone together with the readers choice for ‘Gadget of the year’.

From my perspective I have  to say that I still like both phones but had some problems just the last days with the push-sync in my Hero. I did fiddle a bit with the network-settings last week to cut down on roaming though so it might be that I am all to blame myself.


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