Inkscape 0.47 released

Some time ago I wrote a short review of the application Inkscape which is a great free alternative to Illustrator. For a happy amateur like myself, Inkscape can do all that I want it to. The only thing that really did bug me with the version I’ve been running for some time (0.46) was the lack of performance. And guess what, performance-fixes is one of the big things they push to have been fixed in the new version. And what I’ve seen this far they managed to get it a bit more “snappy”.

I still longing for a re-work of the overall graphical user interface of the application though. If they would like to get it to an enterprise-level they need to get it more user friendly for the start. For reference I’d like to point out the launcher which can be found for Photoshop Elements which is a polite way of trying to help the user without pushing help in their face (office-paper-clip, I’m looking at you).

All in all Inkscape still is the best alternative when it comes to drawing vector graphics for all us people not really in the mood for throwing dollars for the big suits. And to be completely honest here, the more I use it the more I feel that it covers all I need with flying colors.

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