NaMoWriMo 2012

NaMoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month as it stand for, is an yearly event taking place each November. Novelists gather around an online site and aim for a goal of 50’000 written words on a story in thirty days. It should be a new creation on which nothing was written prior to the first of November. The reason for the event is just to get past writers block and prove for yourself that you have the words inside of you, they just need to be written. Time is now up and it is time to look back at my contribution and how far I came but also what I gained from participation.

This year was my second take on this event. First year was a next to a complete failure since the month of writing was completely exchanged against travel and work but the gain from the experience was that of planning. I had a story planned but just couldn’t find the time to write. Due to this I gave it another go this year with the goal to actually write. I made some planning prior to the event and on the first I started to write. The planning I did was simply to create a story which I had a rough beginning and and end for. Nothing written on the story itself but a few milestones ready to keep the story in motion. Yet again though, the amount of text that is 50 000 words came into my consciousness and became the number one teaching I got from the event. I finished about 10 000 words before the last of November this year and I have already decided that for 2013, that is the goal I need to beat.

The problem is not really to write, it is the understanding on how much writing 50’000 words actually takes to complete. One page in a regular book is about 250 words which makes the daily task in NaMoWriMo to write just over six pages. To read six pages is not a big challenge but to write them are. Looking back at this years event I did learn a lot though and I see my participation as a great personal success even though I did not reach the goal. I have learnt so much on how to structure a story and to stop myself from criticize work which is ongoing. Personal criticism have its place and time when the writing is done, not during.

The story which I worked on for this year will continue to develop, I even wrote on it earlier today. In short it is a story of paranoia, great scientific quantum leaps and the fear that follows. How would the world react if a young person invented the machine that would change human kind forever. Would they take the machine to their heart or would perhaps it’s creator be the hoisted one.

The question that drives the story is; is the machine or its creator the holy one?

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