New online trends and social networking

I had the pleasure to attend a full day event today called “Webbdagarna”. It was a tight schedule of 10+ talks of various topics but all revolved around social networks and how a brand need to use all channels to promote services and products. Instead of being a passive observer I decided to try out a new take on this event – live tweeting. Said and done, twenty two tweets later here I am and this is my story.

The idea was to use my tweet flow instead of taking specific notes and in that way share my experience with others. Since on of the speeches was about Klout (my Klout profile) I thought that I could use the whole thing as an experience to see if a live tweet event could affect my score too. Klout if you have not heard of it is an online service which goes through your online social presence and score you as an individual between 0 and 100 and I had a score of 40 when before the experiment.

Since the event was held mostly in Swedish (only one speech in English) and everyone else who was live tweeting it was doing so in Swedish I decided to run mine in English as the only one. Instead of tweeting all that was happening I tried to summarize the essence of each speech in a way to optimize the knowledge for the ones who could not attend. It forced me to listen in a much more active way then one often do and I had a more natural way of focusing on the core of what being said. On to the speeches themselves, these are the ones that I felt stood out enough to get special mentions.

Instagram and Pintrest

Sarah Larsson Bernhardt spoke about Instagram and Pintrest and how a brand can use these two services to provide their customers with a more human ad channel. Instead of using them highly controlled and policy driven way giving them out to the employees of the company and let them tell their story. For a product company it creates an opportunity to attach that story to the product and let the customer bond to the idea of the product before they bond with the product.

Klout as a decision tool

One session was on Klout where Deeped Niclas Strandh from United Power discussed whether or not Klout score can be used to prioritize between customers when it comes to damage control. In a situation where a company attach lots of bad press, knowing which one you should start helping out to get in control of the social aspect of the problem is key. While Klout is no exact measurement, it can be used as decision support.

Happiness Driven Development

To create happy customers you need to start with happy employees according to David Elbe and Lena Kenell from Standout. This was the driving force of  Happiness Driven Development, to make a good work environment infuse also the customers. Resource management is a key aspect of this and no idea is bad as long as you maintain a happy workforce. If that means that you as boss need to give all employees at least one high-five every day, so be it.

Last but not least, how did the Klout experiment go? There is a 24-48h update time before it can be visible so time will tell.

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