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If you are anything like me you have a bag with you at most time holding your phone, hands-free, earhphones, charging cables and computer and all kind of other technical gadgets. And what ever you want to pick up from that bag, you can get your wealth on it being all tangles up in your earphones or usb-cables. Well, seem that this problem can be solved after all.

I found this wonderful product at NOTCOT and I was amazed by it right away. It is as simple as a flexible board all covered in rubber band straps to keep all your gadgets and cables in place while in you bag or even on your desk. If you want anything you just pick it out of the board and that’s that. No sticky glue on your things and no scratches since it is all fabric. The straps seem to be in a material which stops the gadgets from slipping as well so (looks a bit like the material you use in the bathroom not to slip). So, why haven’t this product been created before when it seem to be so good? Or is it just me who has missed these products for a long time?

It is now quite a number of years since I studied Japanese myself so my language skill is not the greatest (Hajimemashite!) but there is alot of other pictures this product at Sanwa Direct. So, even f you can’t read a word on the page you can always just look at the images. Looking through these images also reveals that the board even has a small pocket on the backside in which one can keep things that can not be attached to the board like documents and such. So all in all, this board could in fact replace your entire bag or at least let you organize the bag you use today so that you don’t have to solve a cable know each time you want to listen to music using your headphones.

So, do anyone know if this product or something like it is possible to order from somewhere else?

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