Evernote IV: A new hope

The Evernote 4 UIEvernote is a tool I heavily use multiple and where I keep massive amount of information. In short Evernote is an application which help the user to remember things. It can be scanned documents, web pages, audio, images, pure text or even hand written text! Everything get stored and indexed online (you can choose to keep it offline) so that you can search for it afterwards. It is simply an extra brain, kept online.

I have been using Evernote since version 2 something and when I first started to use it I was amazed over the quickness of the very light client. With every new version there have been tons of features added and with every new version, the client has become a bit more bloated. Of course this can also be connected with the amount of information I keep in my account (the number of notes increase in an insane rate) but I do believe that some of the blame actually is the client. In fact, I have thought that it was the client up until today when Evernote 4 was released and by reading the release notes; I was correct. The client has been re-written!

“On our test hardware, Evernote 4 starts five times faster, and uses half the memory of Evernote 3.5.” –blog.evernote.com

Evernote 4 is lightning fast, just as I remembered the old version 2. The new version has all those new features and still is fast though. I once again feel calm that I can keep pushing everything I need to remember into my Evernote account and to be able to get to it fast and easy, just as I wanted to do when I first started to use it.

Apart from the increased speed of the client there is also new features as improved clipping, improved editing of notes, a new UI and more. One feature that do stand out from my point of view is the improved handling of tables in notes which I have requested many times before. Now it is fast and easy to keep even table-data in your notes!

More information

  • Evernote can be downloaded and purchased from the Evernote website.
  • You can also follow their blog for more information.

All in all Evernote 4 was a great upgrade and I do feel that the new client was exactly what was needed to keep conquering the world. I can only but recommending everyone to get it and try it out to see how it can help you both private and in the workplace.

Evernote is available in both a free version and in a premium version which cost $5/month or $45 for a year. Embedded below is a short movie on what Evernote is all about. Please note that all images and the movie belongs to Evernote Coorporation and I got them from the Evernote website and therefore do not claim any rights to them.

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