Into the wild

During the last week I have read the book Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer which is a story about a boy giving up his entire life to live a simple life in the wild. Christopher McCandless was the boys name and throughout the book Mr. Krakauer try to identify what is was that drove a more or less common boy to abandon his family and life without a feeling of remorse.

The book was written in a very simple language and the soul of the book remain in the story. After finishing it the reader is left with split feelings about who Christopher McCandless was. One way of looking at him shows an almost religious hunt for understanding. But on the other hand his hunt for answers did inflict massive amount of pain on his family and friends and I can not grasp the utter sadness it must be for a parent to lose ones child and not getting an explanation.

The story has also been made into a movie and whether you read the book or watch the movie I recommend you to do one of them. The story is sad but interesting and deliver questions for you to answer.

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