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Book review: Snabba Cash by Jens Lapidus

Snabba cashSnabba cash by Jens Lapidus

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a book that received a great deal of media coverage when it was released. I did however have a massive backlog of books I wanted to read before I was ready for this so it has been waiting for me for quite some time. This however gave me a chance to read it outside of the review spotlights taking out its toll on my perception of the book.

The story is about a young man hunting for the good life and fast cash in the coke driven parts of high society Stockholm. It is a crime/gangster drama set off in current time and even though it shines through that Mr Lapidus is fresh on a literary basis he do succeed in showing of a world that feels realistic.

There is a main plot and a few sub plots which the reader is tagging along and I do enjoyed it. At the very last part of the book I however did get a feeling of a rushed ending but since this is something I often feel it might be as much my own reading as the authors story that created this feeling.

I rated the book above average and I believe that it is a score that would be shared with readers who are looking for a crime drama set in a cold and hard part of the Swedish society.

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Book review: The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne

The Mysterious Island  The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had some minor problems with the story which I found to be a bit stale in the middle of the book but the beginning and the end of it brought it back up there and I could not give it a three star rating so it ended up with four.

The story itself catches the reader into a world where all is lost and one can’t read it and not think about Robinson Crusoe. There are some parts in the story where they are alike but in other ways they are different categories. In the Mysterious Island we see how a single engineer can create a habitable world for a full group of colonists and let science prevail.

I highly recommend this book, both as a part of history since it is a story by Jules Verne but also since the story is interesting and provide the reader with surprises.

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First look at Google+

So I finally got my hands on an Google+ invite and thought that I would share my first views of it. I want to note right away that since this is my first night with it I have not yet so many contacts or content there so some parts of this look might be missing the full picture of some features.

First thing when I got logged in was to just start clicking through the view that was there and I had some problems at a start to see where everything were. I take this as quite understandable since it is a all new layout I’ve not seen before but still, there was a moment of confusion in the beginning. After a few minutes it started to settle though and I got aquiented.

Evernote IV: A new hope

The Evernote 4 UIEvernote is a tool I heavily use multiple and where I keep massive amount of information. In short Evernote is an application which help the user to remember things. It can be scanned documents, web pages, audio, images, pure text or even hand written text! Everything get stored and indexed online (you can choose to keep it offline) so that you can search for it afterwards. It is simply an extra brain, kept online.

9 – The movie

Lately I have grown into a fan of Tim Burton. I’ve come to adore his way of creating an environment which you either love or hate. The story will in either case touch you. With the new movie “9”, Mr. Burton delivers a piece of perfectly coordinated destruction wrapped in a fuzzy shroud.

The movie let us follow 9 (voice by Elijah Wood), a torn and rugged doll created out of burlap and with lenses for eyes. 9 enters the world without any understanding for why he is or when. Soon it become obvious for him that he does have a purpose in the time to come, not alone however. Together with the eight other dolls (voices by Martin Landau, Christopher Plummer and Jennifer Connelly to mention a few) the path clears on the task at hand. The movie has a few parts which may be a bit to strong for the younger audience and it seem that it is created more for an mature audience just as the movies of Tim Burton often are.

A post-apocalyptic wonderland

The first thing that did amaze me was the wonderful but eerie environments created in which the world exist. The destruction of the world just occurred and all that remain is scorched homes and wrecked cities, all entangled by sandbag-shelters and dug out trenches. The destruction becomes almost beautiful even though the entire setting is created out of darkness.

All the characters we meet throughout the movie has an arsenal or personality, which make me as a view to completely surrender the thought on small dolls who can speak to be something out of this world. Not many minutes pass until I can enter into the world which I’m seeing.

The only downside of the movie which I did notice would be a somewhat lack of crescendo. The later part of the movie could be even more dramatic to intensify the feelings of the characters. The movie still make sense but a more intense later part of the movie would have raised it even further.

9 gives us a very good start of the new movie-year and I highly recommend it for the more mature audience. Tim Burton has become one of the greater creators of our time in my opinion.

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In a time where allot of companies choose to outsource their workforce comes this romantic comedy by fairly unknown John Jeffcoat. The story is set around a man who find himself being outsourced to an Indian company and we get to follow him on his adventures in being an American in Asia. What really made this movie interesting was that I could set it in perspective from my own stay in India a while ago.

OutsourcedTodd is a call-center manager who quite frankly do not like his job. Nevertheless he get upset when he find out that his company is outsourcing him and his team to an Indian company. He even get the task of learning his own replacement about what to do. All from his first views of the Indian society to the clash of cultures is coated in a warm and fuzzy feeling as it is a romantic comedy.

So how does the movie compare to my own observations then? Well first of all, there is more people – everywhere. In Outsourced all that was shown was these calm suburban streets found in the US, and those was not the case in the India I was located in. What was perfectly shown though was the amazing warmth and kindness of the Indian people. You did see smiles and colors almost where ever you went which was an amazing experience for me, coming from the cold and a bit reserved Scandinavia.

If you are ot for a general feel-good movie with no real surprises this is a movie for you. Eventhough the movie can be a bit predictable in parts it will deliver a couple of smiles.