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How I use my iPad

The iPad was shown to the world and as usual the world quickly divided into two distinct teams. Once again it is a struggle between the people who likes Apple and the ones who don’t. I did like the idea of it from the first day I saw it but I did not have any idea how I would feel about it after a few weeks of usage.

Learning to use my Mac

Just a little time ago I went into action with my plan to once again loose as much as possible connected to Microsoft Windows. Windows did have a bunch of years with me at the wheels but using Vista really made me see why I did miss my old (and not really that good) Mac OS 9 so much over the Windows alternative. Said and done, in front of me right now is a MacBook Pro and I just love it.

The change from Windows to Mac introduce a few problems though due to the fact I use the computer for mainly three things: Development, Writing and Graphical work. The application used for these are as always heavily dependent on shortcuts. And shortcuts on Mac is not like those on Windows even though you quite often can change just the CTRL against a CMD to get shortcuts to work. There still is a few shortcuts which really is different.

Tonight I finally found out where PgUp and PgDn was hidden on my MacBook-keyboard. And for those out there perhaps in the same seat as me: fn + Up Arrow and fn + Down Arrow is your friend! Also, one of the best shortcuts I use on Windows (at work) all the time is Windows + E to open a new Explorer-window. For some weeks I was under the impression this did not exist on Mac until I found out about ALT + CMD + Space.

Now everything rocks.

Apps in my iPhone

So, two weeks have now passed and I thought I could give a small headsup on what applications I have found and loaded into my phone. Just like most new iPhone users (I think?) I went out looking for some great applications the moment I got my connection. Some of them have already been deleted and others remain. Without any further ado, here is what apps I currently run in my iPhone.

Do you have any better alternatives for me or have you also tried any of the applications listed?

  1. Facebook [iTunes]
    Wheather you are someone just intrested in what your friends is up to or if you try to keep your status updated. This is the app for you.
  2. TwitterFon [iTunes]
    Best app I’ve found up to date for following and updating Twitter. Feel free to check out my personal Twitter stream.
  3. Evernote [iTunes]
    Keep notes, photos and lists all in one place which is indexed and made available in your phone, on your desktop computer or in a webui. Also index images to make them searchable. This is one of those applications you after start using can’t see yourself without.
  4. iTranslate [iTunes]
    Using Google Translate to simply translate text.
  5. Bloomberg [iTunes]
    Financial news and updated stocks, commodities etc.
  6. RunKeeper Free [iTunes]
    A tool with which you can measure paths you walk, run, bike or hike. Afterward you have access to where you went on a map together with speed etc.
  7. Photogene [iTunes]
    Simplistic photoediting directly in the phone like crop, levels and a few effects.
  8. Hemnet [iTunes]
    An application listing apartments, houses and lots out for sale in Sweden.
  9. Shazam [iTunes]
    Ever heard a song in a movie or in a youtube-video which you want to buy? Shazam can record a small portion of the song, analyze it and tell you the title and artist together with links to buy the song etc.
  10. Eniro [iTunes]
    Find people or places in Sweden.
  11. Google Earth [iTunes]
    Maps all over the world. Together with the GPS from the iPhone this can be used as a guide.
  12. WordPress [iTunes]
    I use WordPress on all blogs I currently manage and therefore this app let me blog directly from my phone and also manage settings and comments.
  13. Wikipedia Mobile [iTunes]
    Official Wikipedia-app, search for anything – anywehere.
  14. TV Guide Swe [iTunes]
    Swedish tv-guide.
  15. Big Stop Watch [iTunes]
    This is a better looking stopwatch for my workout-sessions.
  16. Prisjakt [iTunes]
    Find the best online-price for a product in Sweden.
  17. Button [iTunes]
    A game where you need to press a button. Nothing more. Highly addictive. (Why don’t you join my group: Sweden)

Goodbye Windows Mobile; Hello iPhone OS!

Tonight it happened, what I have been waiting for. My new subscription for my new iPhone activated and I can now place my old Windows Mobile phone on the shelf and use only the iPhone. I did so with really no remorse and I can’t say that I miss a single feature of Windows Mobile.

This might seem like yet another iPhone ramble but that is not really my point here. I would like to put up some facts about what it was that made me switch away from a phone running Windows Mobile to be able to give some creative feedback instead of jumping into a flamewar. And to be clear here the version of Windows Mobile which I have been using is 6.0.

My first contact with Windows Mobile was quite a few years ago and what made it appealing was that it could be seen as a mini-Windows in a way and I as a user felt at home with the look and feel. Quite fast it was obvious though that the Windows Mobile was changed aggresivly to fit as many pepherials as possible which made it a quite unfitting plattform for almost everyone instead.

First of all, Windows Mobile today is created to be used using a stylus. This is quite obvious looking at the size of buttons, scollbars, keyboard and the rest of the UI. This was not an issue for a few years ago when smartphones was bulky pocket-machines which used styluses but today when most brands have stopped (or is about to) use a stylus this really makes this a showstopper. A single task as texting to a friend can be utter chaos.

Image from shopping.com

Image from shopping.com

Many phone-producers try to hide as much as possible of Windows mobile (which in it self can tell quite a bit) and HTC which was the producers of ym latest phone tried to do this using their system “Touch Flow”. This UI is quite good actually, the real downside of it though is that Windows Mobile shine through every so often. This is really annoying and also really ugly. Here is a stylish UI and now and then a bulky button with the graphics of Windows 95 pops up. There has to be a major design-flaw in this that someone just hoped would be overlooked.

I love the system of the iPhone, it does what I want it do to (most of the time) and yet it’s kept so simple that I am not forced to dotoo much when it comes to simple operations like calling, texting or surfing the web.

My phone has become the extension of my everyday which I have been looking for over the last ten years.

More iPhones out of the factory?

I just read a statement from the  head of sales at Telia Sonera about their queue for the new iPhone 3gs is to be finished of durig the coming two weeks. Not that would tell us that the factories building iPhones have started to produce more phones or that new products have emerged from a secret vault somewhere.

No matter which one of the two, I’m quite happy because I guess I will get my new iPhone within two weeks! 🙂

One have to remeber that all the rumours about the next shipment of phones that have been travelling the net lately might aswell have been just that – rumours. Once again the great Apple PR-machine did their homework and was able to kick of one awsome product release. A couple of weeks waiting for the phone is nothing anyone will remember when phone is in their hands.