Apps in my iPhone

So, two weeks have now passed and I thought I could give a small headsup on what applications I have found and loaded into my phone. Just like most new iPhone users (I think?) I went out looking for some great applications the moment I got my connection. Some of them have already been deleted and others remain. Without any further ado, here is what apps I currently run in my iPhone.

Do you have any better alternatives for me or have you also tried any of the applications listed?

  1. Facebook [iTunes]
    Wheather you are someone just intrested in what your friends is up to or if you try to keep your status updated. This is the app for you.
  2. TwitterFon [iTunes]
    Best app I’ve found up to date for following and updating Twitter. Feel free to check out my personal Twitter stream.
  3. Evernote [iTunes]
    Keep notes, photos and lists all in one place which is indexed and made available in your phone, on your desktop computer or in a webui. Also index images to make them searchable. This is one of those applications you after start using can’t see yourself without.
  4. iTranslate [iTunes]
    Using Google Translate to simply translate text.
  5. Bloomberg [iTunes]
    Financial news and updated stocks, commodities etc.
  6. RunKeeper Free [iTunes]
    A tool with which you can measure paths you walk, run, bike or hike. Afterward you have access to where you went on a map together with speed etc.
  7. Photogene [iTunes]
    Simplistic photoediting directly in the phone like crop, levels and a few effects.
  8. Hemnet [iTunes]
    An application listing apartments, houses and lots out for sale in Sweden.
  9. Shazam [iTunes]
    Ever heard a song in a movie or in a youtube-video which you want to buy? Shazam can record a small portion of the song, analyze it and tell you the title and artist together with links to buy the song etc.
  10. Eniro [iTunes]
    Find people or places in Sweden.
  11. Google Earth [iTunes]
    Maps all over the world. Together with the GPS from the iPhone this can be used as a guide.
  12. WordPress [iTunes]
    I use WordPress on all blogs I currently manage and therefore this app let me blog directly from my phone and also manage settings and comments.
  13. Wikipedia Mobile [iTunes]
    Official Wikipedia-app, search for anything – anywehere.
  14. TV Guide Swe [iTunes]
    Swedish tv-guide.
  15. Big Stop Watch [iTunes]
    This is a better looking stopwatch for my workout-sessions.
  16. Prisjakt [iTunes]
    Find the best online-price for a product in Sweden.
  17. Button [iTunes]
    A game where you need to press a button. Nothing more. Highly addictive. (Why don’t you join my group: Sweden)

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