6 great alternative uses of Evernote

Evernote is much more then a simple note taking application. It can be incorporated into ones workflow which makes it into more of an extension of ones every day and life. Below is a few alternative uses I have found where Evernote is a key component.


Before I came up with this I found myself borrow things from friend only to forget who I borrowed what from. In the same way I lent things to friends which I never got back and forgot who had my stuff. This solves that problem. I created a notebook called IOU in which file notes for each thing I have borrowed from someone or lent to someone. If it’s to someone I don’t know that good I can snap a photo of the thing before I leave it to be able to see how it was handled when returned. In the note I leave a to-do checkbox which is unchecked if the thing is not returned and checked if it is. With this setup I can create a saved search which goes through that notebook and list things that still have not returned to their home.

notebook:"IOU" todo:false

Lifelog (using IFTTT)

One notebook in my account is called “Lifelog” and using IFTTT I have setup recopies that backup messages I post on Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and even articles I read on Pocket to this notebook. This gives me a timeline where I can backtrack what I did at what time and also have a chance to search through all my historical updates to find things I have looked into in the past.

Draft storage

I write all my blog post drafts in Evernote. At any given time I have more then twenty ongoing drafts that I write on now and then until I have gathered enough information to finish of a post. By having all my drafts in a mobile format I can write on them where ever I get time as long as I have my phone, iPad or computer at hand.

Article storage

I read a tremendous amount of articles and blog posts. Interesting articles I try to save to Evernote for reference to be used as data for blog posts or other articles. A notebook called Articles is all that you need, tags are helpful if you have the energy and time to use them and to find related articles.

Family household information storage

Since notebook sharing is now a feature in Evernote it is possible to have a Household notebook shared over the entire family where you can store all from to-do lists of chores to cheat sheets with insurance information or important phone numbers. Other great data to have in this shared notebook is measurements of windows, doors and storage compartments in the home. To have these a search away is great for when you find something in a store and you wonder if it will fit in a specific location.

Idea database

Every time I get an idea for a product, a service, a blog post or just about anything I directly create a note in Evernote. I have a notebook called Ideas where they all go. Some notes is just one word while others are full walls of text or illustrations and photos. It is a fire and forget notebook, I just file them there and then once a month I go through all the new ones and some of the old ones and elaborate and see if there is anything there I can create a project out of. An example of such an idea was a site about photography that should also exist to help me learn new techniques and through a couple of iterations it became digitalphotoguide.net.

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