Hi, I am Martin.

This is my blog on mainly technology, entrepreneurship and design. Links about just about anything comes through now and then though. I also run a site on photography called Digital Photo Guide! If you are into photography, why not check that out?

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Snooze for iPhone

Can get up in the morning and also feel like donating some money? There’s an app for that. Presenting Snooze, by LetGive, Inc, which is an app which pledge $0.25 each time you snooze. You simply install the app, setup which charity you want your donations to reach and then start snoozing away.

I am one of those who have two alarms set each morning where the first one goes off simply by giving me the pleasure of snoozing once. Due to that I can calculate who much I have to pledge each month using simple math.

Those of you who can stop hitting that snooze button however; this one is for you!

First look at Google+

So I finally got my hands on an Google+ invite and thought that I would share my first views of it. I want to note right away that since this is my first night with it I have not yet so many contacts or content there so some parts of this look might be missing the full picture of some features.

First thing when I got logged in was to just start clicking through the view that was there and I had some problems at a start to see where everything were. I take this as quite understandable since it is a all new layout I’ve not seen before but still, there was a moment of confusion in the beginning. After a few minutes it started to settle though and I got aquiented.

Abandoned desert oasis

I ran across this marvelous movie of a desert oasis now abandoned from Feber. Once it was the pearl of the desert and the outlook for it to be a heaven on earth was blooming. Today it is however nothing but ruins. Truly wonderful settings for a photographer or for that matter for anyone who every wondered what the earth would look like if all people just disappeared.

For more information about this strange place, head over to Wikipedia.

Choosing an online backup service

Lately I have come to the conclusion that I should get a good backup solution before my current hardware dies. Way to often we start doing our backups direclty after we’ve lost a disk and it is just the same with me. For a couple of years ago I lost my storage drive which held all my photos and documents which I have been collecting for about ten years. I managed to recover some of the contects (thanks to PhotRec) but I did decide that I would never come to that situation again. Well, now it has passed a couple of years as I said and I finally feel that the time has come to do some good backuping!