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2011 in hindsight

Wait, what? Shouldn’t this post be named 2012 in hindsight if any hindsight was to be mentioned? When I started to write up a summary of 2012 I stumbled upon the post I wrote for last new years eve but I then forgot to publish so with that said I thought – why not start the 2012 hindisght with what happened the year before. When reading it through it struck me that there was many events of 2011 which has already almost forgotten. So without further ado, there is 2011 in hindsight to give some perspective before we look at 2012.

The death of QR codes

When looking back at 2012, QR codes went from being nowhere to being in the strangest of places. Since it was a new way to catch your audience using a bit of suspense it was quickly picked up by ad agencies and posted all over. 2012 was the year of the QR code so how will it be in the year to come – will we see QR codes in 2013?

New online trends and social networking

I had the pleasure to attend a full day event today called “Webbdagarna”. It was a tight schedule of 10+ talks of various topics but all revolved around social networks and how a brand need to use all channels to promote services and products. Instead of being a passive observer I decided to try out a new take on this event – live tweeting. Said and done, twenty two tweets later here I am and this is my story.

SMS turned 20 today

A few things are taken as for granted today as the SMS. We all use it, most of us use it more then we would like to admit to. SMS stand for Short Messaging Service and the idea was from the beginning to do just that. Like Twitter the idea was to be able to send greetings and short notices to people in minimal time and ease. But just as Twitter, people evolved into writing entire essays using the service.

In my personal group of friends I see mostly two kind of persons when it comes to sending messages. The first group is the ones that always send messages containing one or a couple or words. The most common SMS from this group is ‘OK’. Then there is the other kind, the ones who answers the tiniest message with a full story, often with full bibliography and fact sheet attached. The messages often cross the line for fifty words or so and it always amaze me how some can write such as amount of text in so short time.

The question is of course which one of the two groups I belong to. For the answer you just have to go ask my friends, they’re the ones who know.

NaMoWriMo 2012

NaMoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month as it stand for, is an yearly event taking place each November. Novelists gather around an online site and aim for a goal of 50’000 written words on a story in thirty days. It should be a new creation on which nothing was written prior to the first of November. The reason for the event is just to get past writers block and prove for yourself that you have the words inside of you, they just need to be written. Time is now up and it is time to look back at my contribution and how far I came but also what I gained from participation.